I’m excited to report that I officially registered for the RESULTS 2012 International Conference to End Poverty and Aids this summer in Washington, D.C. I just learned about RESULTS-a group that advocates and lobbies for funding for global poverty-recently, and was encouraged to apply for a scholarship to attend the conference (fingers crossed, hope I can find a room at the hotel and all since I was having problems with registration-oh technology, how difficult you are). One of the leading volunteers of the local RESULTS chapter asked us to write a letter to the editor in our paper, since we were presented with the perfect opportunity to talk about RESULTS as one of the articles mentioned Dr. David Schultz, a pioneer researcher who discovered that oral rehydration therapy (water mixed with salt and sugar-simple, right?) is the fastest way to combat dehydration.

Dr. Schultz’s Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) is one of the central solutions that RESULTS, a grassroots advocacy organization, uses in the struggle to end poverty. As one of the many young activists gearing up to attend the RESULTS International Conference to End Poverty and AIDS in Washington, D.C. this summer, I’m hopeful that I’ll find the tools to be an able contributor in the search for solutions to end poverty, and proud to be part of a community that supports the global fight for child survival.

The inspiring numbers speak for themselves. Over the past 50 years, child mortality has dropped by 70 percent worldwide. Vaccination efforts have resulted a reduction of 92 percent in measles deaths in Africa over the past decade, insecticide treated nets have provided reduced malaria-related deaths by half in eleven African countries, and polio is endemic in just three countries. There is proof that lives can be saved for mere pennies, but there’s plenty of work left to do. That’s where RESULTS comes in-to mobilize around key legislative opportunities to impact those without access to lifesaving resources such as low-cost antibiotics, vaccines, and sanitary drinking water.

RESULTS tackles the problems of the lowest-income individuals at the Congressional level by generating and protecting anti-poverty legislation, and training volunteers in public speaking, generating media, and educating their communities to conduct a grassroots effort to preventable child deaths. Though some of the nations with the highest deaths due to diarrhea and pneumonia have developed country-specific plans to combat these diseases, they still need our support to ensure the completion of these goals. Global health programs, which amount to approximately one percent of the federal budget, are in danger of major budget cuts. Low-cost solutions to these lifesaving programs still require funding. As an individual or group, we all have the ability to exercise influence on our nation’s leaders so we don’t lose momentum for the future of children worldwide. Please visit to learn how your voice can impact a child’s life.

What do you think? Activist-y enough?

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