A patriot in Yemen

Yemeni protestors (from The Atlantic)

I am in awe: ” ‘I strongly believe that I have helped improve America’s image, perhaps in ways that an official ambassador or other diplomats cannot,” he explained. “I have access to ordinary Yemenis. For me, helping the people of my country understand and know the America that I have experienced is a passion, not a career.’

But his efforts are being undermined — and we’re the culprits. In emotional testimony, he stated that the Obama Administration’s drone strikes in Yemen ‘have made my passion and mission in support of America almost impossible’ and done more to empower al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula than to weaken it. This is his story and his vital advice, drawn from his prepared remarks.”

His mission in support of America-do you know anyone who has a mission to support America in this selfless, determined way, despite all the wrongs committed against them?


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