Why not Wendy?

Wendy Davis, the new liberal “folk hero“, officially announced her run for governor of Texas on Thursday, and both Democrats and Republicans are quick to point out that her underdog fight will be a tough one, not least because of the other labels she’ll have to fight off in order to establish her own.

Judith Warner, who disagrees with those who point out that Davis’ run will not benefit democrats, spins the misogynistic insults tossed her way in a positive way, because “[the] more hits Davis takes, the better is will be for the Democrats. It was, after all, a consistent pattern of gender-based disrespect that helped land Democrats their 2012 election victories in the U.S. Senate and the presidency.”

Will a long string of careless jabs at Ms. Davis be the ticket to her success? It seems that even hopeful Democrats are just waiting to see how far her famous filibuster will carry her, but genuine supporters point out her bipartisanship, commitment to education and economic issues show that she could be a strong leader for Texas. Many believe that despite all the red state naysaying, Republican backlash, status as a relative unknown, and national support that could backfire, a Democratic win is possible.

Davis herself points back to her previous success as a representative of a conservative district, and the excitement she’s created among Texans does work in her favor. Her personal struggles for success as well as her achievements thus far show she’s more than capable of holding her own with the long standing candidates in the ring. Her fight will be a matter of revealing possibilities Texas hasn’t seen for a long time.

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