Q&A Interruptor Series, No. 13: Sarah Birke

FP Interrupted features Middle East and North Africa correspondent Sarah Birke, on Syria, ISIS, and the business of female interrupting: “don’t take any shit.” Take note, ladies.

fp interrupted

This week FPI talked to Sarah Birke, Middle East and North Africa correspondent for The Economist, a British weekly with semi-anonymous journalists (it has no bylines). We think it’s high time you meet the brains behind some of the magazine’s best pieces on the regionSarah Birke.

Sarah is currently based in Cairo but reports on countries across the region from Syria — her home for three years and where her soul still resides — to Algeria, producer of the region’s best wine. She’s also reported on Sudan’s stagnant politics and Saudi Arabia’s taste for social media.

Fun-fact: She likes to play scrabble in Middle Eastern monuments. A favorite was a game in a small amphitheatre in Shahba, southern Syria (she can’t remember who won).

FPI: You’ve been reporting on Syria for the past several years. Can you give us a diagnosis? A prognosis? 

It’s horrific; an absolute tragedy. Over 160,000 Syrians have been…

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